Let's build a rope climbing gym to Ronimistehas!

Ronimistehas is the home of climbing in Tartu. Our mission has always been to be more than just a place for climbing. We want to be an environment, where our community members feel like at home. This has created a unique synergy with the local climbing community, which has brought us in less than 3 years to where we are now – ready for the next challenge: to build the first lead climbing in Estonia, nextdoor to our existing bouldering gym. This project will make Ronimistehas the most advanced climbing facility in Estonia.

The project in numbers:

  • Total budget: 335 000

  • Expected completion time: January 2024

  • Height of the climbing walls: 12 meters

  • 500 square meters of climbing wall

  • 30 climbing routes

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Our story and future plans

Ronimistehas is a climbing center in Tartu since 2021. With this short time, we have built up the climbing community in our home city, created a youth sport system that is producing results, and hosted mutliple climbing festivals that are the biggest in the Baltic states. Along the way, we have inspired countless people and created even more unforgettable memories.

The future vision of Ronimistehas is to be the epicenter of climbing in Estonia - a hub for all climbing enthusiasts, catering to people of all ages, from children to adults.We will accommodate athletes, from boulderers to rock climbers, as well as mountain enthusiasts, from alpinists to hikersOur home will be a full-fledged climbing center with three floors of supportive spaces that meet all the needs of climbers and provide a comprehensive visiting experience:

  • Autobelay safety gear and interactive climbing solutions
  • A workout area/gym with climbing-specific training equipment
  • A group training room and children's area
  • A cafeteria-bar
  • A climbing equipment store

And what matters the most - our dedicated core team of routesetters and instructors, who open the door for you to the amazing world of climbing every day.


In our experience, the best outcomes arise when the community helps to make it happen. This is why we offer everyone a chance to contibute to the founding of our new facility. Are you inspired by the same values as us?

  • To build the first rope-climbing center in Estonia
  • Support young athletes
  • Strengthen the climbing community

If so, then let's do it together! Pick a contribution that is suitable for you and make a connection to what can be your home gym, already today!

Crowdfunding goals

20 000
Goal 1: Completion of the gym
We will reach the required amount to complete the construction of the gym in the full scale!
30 000
Goal 2: Autobelays on the climbing wall
Allows us to install a sufficient amount of autobelay climbing support devices that enable climbing safely even for solo climbers!
40 000
Goal 3: Interactive LED-lighted climbing spraywall
Allows us to construct a truly innovative climbing wall solution that enables each visitor to create and climb an infinite amount of routes with the help of an interactive application!
Our project has been supported by
208 supporters

The crowdfunding has finished!

Thank you to all the supporters!

With your help we were able to complete the new gym!

We will get in touch with all the supporters soon, to arrange the delivery of the prizes.


Contact us


Tehase 21, Tartu

+372 53302167

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